Your Individual Mandala

Our Mandalas are pure digital art. Psychology, esoterics and mathematics are melt within. They are created to uplift and energize you – as unique pieces of art.

We offer possibility to create an individualized artwork with maximum 12 Megapixels and send it digitally (PDF, JPG, PNG) or as printings worldwide.


What is your favourite color? Which forms do you like? Is there a special function your mandala shall deal with? Think about and tell us.

Do you like abstract, multi-layered or structured mono-chromatic pieces of art? Can we insert motives like nature, architecture or people? It’s possible.

Do you like science-fictional art? Perhaps you think about a photography you would like to get “mandala’ed”? Or may we add a famous quote or a individual piece of writing to your mandala? Yes, we can.

All you can imagine, we will be able to work out in a short period of time. On any request you get three different suggestions. Then you give feedback and we send your favourite mandala digitally in best quality or start printing process to box it and send final art as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, just leave a message. All prices are told on your request. We then calculate time of production, printing costs depending on size (Postcard to DIN A1) and shipping costs to you.